How to identify your dream job?

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We offer you three questions to gain insight into their career preferences and find – or create – your dream job.

What attracts me the most?

This is usually the first question that we ask ourselves when we start to think about the dream. It underlies the idea of ​​who you want to be when you grow up. It opens your vision of mission in this life, the idea of ​​the legacy you want to leave, contributions to the lives of others, you want to do. This is the first, idealized revision of our ideas about the best job in the world. It is important to understand why, for what you are willing to spend their strength and their time, what motivates you. However, this is certainly not enough. Starting with the question “why?”, We should not forget about the question “how?”.

What do I like to do?

Put aside your cravings and your mission, think about what kind of things do you do with pleasure. Do you like to search for sources of funding? Or do you like poking around in the intricacies of the market situation? Does she love to write about? Do you hate to sit on the Internet? It does not matter how high society do you see your mission, because any employment decision involves routine tasks. Take a mental journey to the bottom of your preferences and fears, to determine precisely the job of your dreams, and not just the perfect prednaznachenie. Po my experience, it is precisely here lies the main difficulty for many people. Only some of us are so passionate about their vocation, that can really get pleasure from filling endless paperwork in his name. So much the better for you, of course, if you are able to do so. But if not, it is important to determine not only the fact, in the name of what you are willing to do so-and-so, but the fact that you can generate a daily pleasure in the process of moving to the cherished goal. Having determined this, you will wake up every morning with joyful anticipation of the coming of the day, even when achieving your supergoal will, at best, seem something very distant and vague.

What kind of lifestyle do I want to lead?

Who do you want to be? When you see yourself in 20 years 5,10, where do you see yourself? What lifestyle do you think the ideal for yourself? What role do you intend to play in the company? How do you see your family life? Whether you want to be able to have them, to travel, for example, or you are attracted to the prestige of the responsible corporate post, which leaves no time for the weekend. Do you want to go to work in jeans or in an expensive three-piece suit? Sometimes we are so caught up ideas about our mission or the performance of daily duties, which completely forget about your own life.

When your vocation, daily responsibilities, and way of life will come to a harmonious combination, you will not only determine what will be the job of your dreams but also understand how to get it.

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