How to Get a Dream Job?

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Choose a time when you were alone. Close the door of the room. Turn off the phone and gadgets. Relax. So now ask yourself: what would you like to be? What is it, the profession of your dreams?

Imagine that if by magic you were in perfect scenery. If someone wants to be a singer, then, on the stage of a concert hall in front of thousands of spectators. Do you want to become a director of a large enterprise – in the office of the chief. Dreaming of a career well-known psychologist – straight to the crowded audience auditorium best university of the country.

You there. Feel what is happening? What you see and hear around? What are you doing?

Now be honest, observe his reaction. Do you want to continue to be in this scenery? Whether there is such a feeling that you change your mind and are willing to pay anything just to get back into your life?

For example, theoretically, I would like to be a mountain climber. But if I will present what is really hanging on the mountain, at the bottom of the abyss, I’m cold, scared and do not know how much I still have to climb up to the top – no, no, no, maybe, I got excited with the dream.

President goes everywhere with security and controls his every gesture, every step. Director of a large corporation communicates with status people. Risking millions. Both are afraid of losing power and experiencing stress every day. It’s too hard for me mode. I refuse.

Perhaps you are not much aware of this occupation or profession. Picture-in-gloss, as a rule, the reality has little to do. Take the trouble to find out the details.

Work as model seems easy and pleasant? Then get to know the truth of life: for one photo a girl can spend a few hours in the cold sea shore under the strong wind. Portraying in mind that sports on a hot beach.

The final output of the podium – it’s just icing on the cake. And before him – dozens of hours of walking at rehearsals, and, thank God, if you will manage without a ground glass in the shoes of the “girls” and other horrors.

Not to mention the endless diets and bustle of casting. Or will have to perform numerous free work awaits all newcomers. And it is unlikely you will want to co-gloss world of intrigue.

Feel everything to the end. Perhaps most of what you’ve been dreaming to do, would you not on a high. Many images are actually taken from the illusions of society – movies, books, programs on television.

As a result of this exercise it should be clear that you just do not fit. Will be able in time to abandon the social stereotypes of others and ease their way to their personal goals.

It is not necessary to get all the movie stars, presidents and world celebrities. Being happy is more important than the implementation of foreign social Ponte.

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Training before the start

If you have some preliminary goals that you like, but you are not sure whether they are your 100%, try the next job. Start quietly do things, what you dreamed.

Become a volunteer or intern, apprentice to the man who already realizes your dream in your life. Ask him for a day, settle for any “fetch, give”, become his shadow.

Yes, it is terrible that would be sent away for a long time. But consider, because free labor has never stopped anyone. And chances are there always.

Ideally, if you ask that person to become a mentor for you. It seems, however terrible and unreal? But many people are willing to accept it. Of course, if you have no problem to take his mentors Queen of England.

Often people have very distorted idea of ​​a “dream job.” It’s one thing to see impressive performance on the stage, and the other – hundreds of hours of rehearsal.

Your task is to get to the place where hundreds of hours of rehearsal. What for? That in real life “feel” the activity to which, as it seems to you, is the soul. And if it turns out that this is not for you, just give up. Time to give up – this is important.

Do not look for someone unattainable. Look for a man easier. A real person, a living person who is closer to your dream than you. To you, it became clear that if it is real, and it is also not impossible for you to him. Then there is the chance to build a track of where you are now to where you are going.

The essence of the dream

Ideally, after this exercise, you have only one dream, one way of life, which is the most desirable for you. Now you need to get to the quintessence of this dream, until her essence. For example, let us return to the image of the singer.

For someone important to have a crowd of fans, receive love and adoration.

For another person are to sing, to work with your voice, improve it.

For the third, to communicate with all the great on an equal footing …

Think about what is the essence of what you want for yourself. Look, what attracted you to this dream. And record your findings.

For some, it is important to good earnings and fame and recognition, for instance – thanks, it is not necessary.

For the second, on the contrary, money is indifferent, he craves recognition.

Next you will find the most interesting. Quite possibly, you do not even need to make super efforts to get what you’ve been dreaming of.

Knowing the result (this is the essence of you have already figured out), you represent some steps towards this result. So, you can easily define and record the next steps 1-2. As they say, go in the direction of the dream, you can not go – crawl, can not crawl – at least lie in the direction of it.

Very often, you may find that it is very easy and close. Because the essence – not in the external and the internal.

Not necessarily act in comedy shows on Broadway, and you can start to spread their short sketches in Instagram, as did actress Irina Gorbachev. She’s just having fun. And now it has more than 1.8 million subscribers.

Not necessarily work in the Oval Office of the White House and to influence the geopolitics of the world. Can be found in the hometown of the social organization and begin to solve with the help of specific problems of the courtyard, street or area. And getting the satisfaction and thrill now, in their present life.

Find the essence of the “dream job” – and it will be yours.

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