How to Find a Job and Start Living the Dream at Full Capacity

the way to job of your dream

What would you prefer: every day from start to finish to suffer the hateful work or doing things you love, that you are happy, inspiring, energizing? The answer seems obvious. Why, then, most people choose the first scenario? There are several reasons. Someone is afraid of losing stability, someone just has not managed to understand yourself. And there is also this: a person has a beautiful dream, but he did not believe that he is able to translate it into reality.

How do you know what you want, get rid of the fear and begin to realize their potential? This tells the specialist in the field of career strategies and bestselling author “Never ever” George Robins. We share his advice.

How to make a fairy tale come true

We can cherish for years some dream, but did not take it to true. One man dreams of literary career, the other sees itself world-renowned designer, the third time to time to think about how great it would be to open his own small bakery. And all this is endlessly postponed.

The longer you’re thinking about her dream, the less real it seems and the more terrible to approach it. Therefore, you need to get down to business as soon as possible. The main thing – to decide on the first step.

George Robbins cites the example of her husband:

– Jim worked as a project manager in a cool company. In this age of sixteen he knew he wanted to become a chef of French cuisine. He kept this dream for a long time and grow it to the level of the “impossible”. What have I done? Just wrote in the Parisian school Le cordon bleu, arranged a meeting, on vacation brought to Jim (he did not know anything in advance), and told him: “That’s the door – go.” It was a simple intuitive move: I dream from the category of “impossible” to resettle in reality. Everything. Nine months later, we moved to Paris. Now Jim is already managing a restaurant in Monaco (chief he visited there too).

What does this story? No matter how difficult and elusive nor was your dream, the first thing you need to do – move it from the field of fantasy into the physical world. Without delay in a long box, open a site with the right information, look for training courses, learn the prices, write a letter, go on a trip, make an appointment with an expert in your topic of interest.

woman thinking about the job of her dream

When you realize that your dream is real, you will be much easier to come up with the following steps.

How to find themselves

What if you do not have a particular dream, but you do not feel satisfaction from their work and crave change? For you, there is a simple algorithm, which consists of four steps.

  1. Look around at the sides. We have years of sitting in its shell. As a rule, our life is limited to work and household chores. At best, we have a couple of hobbies that are constantly running out of time. When there is a desire to change something, it turns out that we have no idea even about where to go next.

If all this is about you, the first thing you need to carry out exploration: what else happens? Get ready to spend on study for at least two to three months.

Read books, watch this space, meet interesting people and visit different workshops, lectures, workshops and conferences. Try to constantly open up new areas of knowledge (maybe you will hook some short online course – pass it). Try everything!

  1. Experiment on safe territory. Select the direction that you find interesting, and dive deeper into it. Do not immediately give up work and change lives dramatically. Your task – to make regular small shazhochkami to settle into a new topic, even if you are not yet confident in his choice. Only practice can be understood, it is suitable for you or not.

Do not focus on any one thing. If you feel that you want to try yourself in the other areas, keep looking and experimenting. You can select multiple destinations, and to develop in each of them. After all, we are multi-faceted, not flat; to have a lot of things are mixed.

Treading on unfamiliar territory, be patient: in the soil probing may take a year or two – this is normal.

  1. Aim. When you are already immersed himself in the subject, you will begin to appear vision. At this stage it is possible to formulate a long-term goal.

Do not be afraid to aim a blow at something great – to open his show at the federal channel, enter the top three world’s leading experts in your area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest, to become a Hollywood star … This image will warm you and energize in the most difficult times.

If the goal seems too ambitious and even a little scary, but you have from it is breathtaking, then you are on the right track.

  1. Start moving toward the goal. Schedule specific small steps over the next few months – and more! Go at your own pace, but do not stop.

With each step, you will receive a mountain of information, so your plan should be flexible enough. Get ready for what will have to change and to finish building it in the process. Be alert to new opportunities!

How to reduce the risks

It is not easy to decide on a change, when there is a successful career and a good salary. Many uncertainties scared that lies ahead. However, favorite thing is worth it to take the risk.

Incidentally, any stability – an illusion. You feel like you’re in control of something, but your company can go bankrupt, your position may be reduced, working conditions change. You already live in conditions of uncertainty, so there is no sense to be afraid.

If you want to reduce the risks, create a financial safety cushion. Elena Rezanova calls this “runway”. Most likely a year or two you will have to study and get used to the new field. Without shocks to survive this period, you need to have some savings.

For your own peace of mind come up with a little plan just in case something goes wrong. At the worst, you can always find a temporary job at the same specialty or a little to stay with their parents until they decide how to proceed.

Forget the word “later”. Your life is going right now. whether it suits you? If not, do you know what to do.


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