Dream Job: Myth or Reality?

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From work, I want to receive moral and material satisfaction. Is this possible? We decided to discuss this issue with our experts.

Second – it’s your knowledge and skills. Still, the desire – it’s a dream, a fantasy, and skills – a kind of reality ( “I know how to do?”). Irrespective of the length of service, experience, and confidence of experts do not recommend to take the position of an omniscient and omnipotent craftsman: everyone has something to learn.

Remember: to broaden your skills, you increase your expertise and, therefore, the cost of the market. “It should be understood that all changes very quickly – says John Mitchell – but because it is necessary to keep yourself in good shape, see the field for their development, analyze, on what else should work.”

Finally, the third – the circumstances. Even if you have the willingness to change the field of activity and performance, what would you like to do next, assess their capabilities at this stage of life? For example, if your child has just started school, under stress, constantly sick on this background, it is necessary to soberly assess the situation and, possibly, to devote his spare time not training for a new profession, and help your first grader. A dream come true a little wait.

As an important component of an ideal job many probably would have called even higher pay. Is this a factor for us is really important and motivating?


Income vs moral satisfaction

“Every 40 minutes of teaching give me such joy that the main job, I feel only once a month – at the SMS-notification of account replenishment”, – says the 22-year-old Peter. At school he was graduate of the prestigious Western university, holding a favorite thing, a good position in a large company – salary. Neither the money nor pleasure is not ready to give it, so you have to sacrifice almost all of the free time.

The ability to combine several jobs is not at all, often have to prioritize. One important prestige and status, they feel comfortable only when they drive a car better than a specific brand and model, the other is good, when they are doing things you love.

John Mitchell recalls the story of a 35-year-old banker, who decided to leave the unimaginably high position and the next 2 years is not “capitalize” his services to the company and to learn from the West, in order to become competitive on the international level.

woman that adores her job

Another example – the woman admits that never would have gone to a little-known organization “without a name”, about which you need to explain what it is. The importance of “identifying themselves with a particular community,” notes Alexander Evdokimenko ( “for example, the military has a specific motive – wearing a form”).

Three reasons to do

In 1978, in the May issue of the journal Psychology Today published an article by scientists Edward Lawler and Renwick Patricia “What do you really want from their work.” Three winners, according to the results of research, looked like this: 1) call; 2) involvement in creating something meaningful; 3) the opportunity to expand their skills. Salary ranked only 12-th place.

Wrong to consider some reasons and motives in choosing a job well and others bad – to each his own. The question is whether the choice is made in favor of this or that man himself? Is it his desire? “People often do not think seriously about what is for them the main thing in life for which they themselves are respected, and do not dare to honestly answer yourself the question, what place in that self-esteem plays what and how they earn, – said Robert Smith. – Often, it turns out that money as an incentive to work – this is an illusion.

As shown by the therapeutic practice of chasing financial success and its attendant social labels, sometimes people are just trying to prove to his long-dead parents, that they are worth something. And sometimes, for them, it is the only condition of psychological safety. Similarly, can be cunning and position of the “money is not important to me.” Still, in order to earn them, you need to get up off the couch, can keep, for example, the fear of failure from childhood, and not attributed to him kin pathological laziness and irresponsibility on which the man. “

To find out what motivates us to work harder, the American psychologist, a specialist in the field of behavioral economics, Dan Ariely conducted a number of studies. One of them is the following: the participants were given sheets with the letters, the same had to be combined in pairs.

The first group signed to the organizer handed operation, one of their views and folded. Sheets of the second, which did not specify the names collected without looking. Answers third group altogether immediately sent to the shredder.

business woman

According to the experimental conditions for the implementation of each of the following tasks, it relied less and less on money, but the participants of the second and third groups demanded double the negotiated amount. The first group of gain did not ask, because it lacked the conditional recognition – that her work is not destroyed and not ignored.


But according to statistics from the recruitment agency Kelly Services for 2012, 76% of US employees the main motivator called still pay. And it is understandable why many are hesitant to leave their jobs, which pleases unless stability – and not even always the level of wages.

“One of the effective tools for keeping a person in the workplace – kreditozavisimost – says Angelina Johnson. – a lot of work for the return of debts for already purchased goods and experiencing the psychological fear of the situation of uncertainty, the unknown. People are naturally afraid to leave without a livelihood for themselves and their families. “

“If you can not pay the rent, to choose not particularly necessary – agrees on Robert Smith. – Maslow’s hierarchy has not been canceled: first of all, it is necessary to ensure the provision of basic needs. ” Another thing, if the financial issue is not sharp and the circumstances lead to risk and change the boring work on a favorite thing.

Robert gives the example of the founders of Google, Facebook, Steve Jobs, or, say, Quentin Tarantino, who has worked in the video, and then took off his “Pulp Fiction.” “He just wanted to make this movie without thinking about the millions. They, along with the recognition and popularity came to him themselves. Obsessed with drive, who put their hearts and truly believe in what they do, success and money are often catching up, although they have never been an end in itself for these people. “

Revenue growth and queries

Another popular request, a question in the search engines – “Why not get enough money?” (74.2 million links). Probably ask them not only to those for whom the choice of vocation and the work he is primary. “Most of the salary always provides more opportunities, – says George Pattison, – and for a while longer and becomes the motivation to work.”

But it is important to remember that a positive change, including financial, we adapt pretty quickly. “I remember waiting for gain, she thought that if I could afford it … But when I finally received a higher salary, soon realized that to me again missing not at all what we would like, – complains 27-year-old Jessica, – a list of my desires, too, has become more, and not in proportion to the income. “

A study of American psychologist Ed Diener (Ed Diener), professor of the University of Illinois, and his colleagues confirmed that the growth of income can really make us happier, but only on the condition that our wishes and requests will rise even faster. That the consumer society is very likely. “This culture is designed for the reception of pleasure in exchange for quick cash spending.

Advertisement forms the way we live affects our dreams, thus causing us certain dependence. You need to pull yourself out of these emotional traps and more critical of their consumer behavior. “

The main thing – to find themselves, and will follow a dream job!

Man does not know for sure what he wants, but he saw someone something and ran also bought without thinking whether it is and whether there is money needed. We must be able to separate: Yes, some people can afford it, but what have I?

Another reason for rash purchases beyond their means – low self-esteem. There is the illusion that the appearance of fabulously expensive things can help to gain respect and status as a person, which already has this thing.

Many people do not have enough budget planning skills. And in this case, very disciplined existence of the purpose for which it is necessary to save. “As a rule, the money is and” how to do “are deposited on what you really need and it is important.

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