Dream Job: a Jumper on Mattresses and Warden of Paradise

Exotic vacancies are gaining popularity

We have all heard about these unusual occupations such as pandas or obnimatel tester sex toys. However, in the rapidly developing consumer society the list of countries continues to be regularly updated vacancies.http://atomicequipment.com I understand that they can offer to the unemployed in the labor market.

Island guard

In December, a vacancy caretaker Lihue island in the English Channel. Lucky could count on accommodation with all facilities, a garage with a tractor and even a private pool. Previous superintendent Richard Curtis Island tired of his job and his wife decided to move to France after 14 years of life on the island. Dream job seems so only at first glance: The newly “owner” of the island will have to repair the house and all the buildings in the territory, led by tourists with guided tours and, most importantly, come to terms with loneliness.
By the way, in 2009, another one Briton Ben Southall was appointed caretaker of the Great Barrier Reef. Man held on the “paradise” island for six months, making underwater photos and laying them in a natural reserve a blog.

dream job island guard

Tester gum

It is these people we must “brand” chemical taste of gum. The volunteer duties include eating a large number of different types of “gum” to find out how long they retain their flavor. Their duties also include assessment of the palatability of the product and the wrapper design. Strange “profession” may seem like hell for the followers of a healthy diet, but it’s not the worst option as compared to the feed testers for dogs, and such too.

Tester gum dream job

Jumper on mattresses

Professional testers mattresses gradually go into oblivion, and soon, this function is likely to depart machines. A unique opportunity to lie in bed and get paid for it provides only companies that manufacture mattresses manually. Basically, the owners of this meditative profession committed to check the properties of orthopedic mattresses and all sorts of characteristics: resistance and so on.

Jumper on mattresses dream job

Tester in the water park

The daily celebration of the soul and the body made himself an American Sebastian Smith, who hired the company First Choice for testing water slides. In Sebastian’s duties included traveling around the world, and skating on the maximum number of all existing water rides. For work Man generously rewarded, and using his advice calculated ideal parameters waterslide.

Tester in the water park dream job

Food stylist

Photographed lunch in Instagram so that Yum. Unlike tester mattresses, this vacancy is gaining in popularity, but the problem of food stylist is not so simple as it seems at first glance. You have to be at least very good cook and know how to make ice cream Neta and cut fruit – fresh and not discolored. Professional stylists are very popular food in the restaurant business and not only, as they receive more than $ 70 thousand a year.

Job offer may come from anywhere. It proved an unemployed resident of Ekaterinburg Leon Yanin. A man laying out a network address to the Hollywood actor Jason Staten.

“I shot a video on the phone: in broken English asked the star, took up the wheel and began to squat”– said Starhit Leon Yanin.

In his impromptu video training Yanin instead of rods used available material: winter tires. Your movie in Yekaterinburg sent direct to State and received an unexpected response and offer to come to the casting for the film of the famous director Guy Ritchie. The director saw in it a suitable candidate for the role of Russian bad guy.

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