6 Fears That Prevent You to Get a Dream Job

woman feels fear about her future

Fear of change to the fear of not cope with new responsibilities – that is ruining your career.

Do you feel that you are being paid less than you are worth? Work does not satisfy you? The good news is you’re not alone.

So it pays to think about changing the workplace. But do not hurry – it may not be as easy as it seems. First, you have to deal with the fears that keep you from moving forward, but it needs to look them in the face.

  1. Fear of the unknown people often remains unloved work due to fear of the unknown. “That’s gone from this place, and what will happen next is unclear. Suddenly, something bad “, – usually think they are. To curb this fear, do not act spontaneously. Get a planner and create a step by step plan to achieve a dream, and when the time comes to change, you will have much more confidence.
  2. Fear of rejection “Throw a stable job and do what like? And suddenly I would be no use to anyone? Suddenly, everyone will say that I have enough experience? “. Another common idea. We need to realize that any changes are associated with the problems, and that’s fine. You have to be realistic and understand what can be done now, but it is better to postpone until later. If you change the profession, yes, you may have to learn, and then probably change your current position on the managerial position of the young specialist. If you look at things realistically, there is little that can catch you off guard.
  3. Fear of offering something new is possible for the dream job does not need to move to another organization, but in the current company you did not get to be in the right positions. Probably, you are afraid, and not prepared to bring about change – this is very common among women. Sarah O’Brien Hammond, one of the top recruiters in New York, said: “Most women are taught to go with the flow. If the work is a process or protocol with which they disagree, or they have an alternative solution, women are rarely offered to change the established order. ” How to overcome this fear? Do not be silent, to share your ideas. Hammond suggests: “Men always offer solutions that attempt to change anything – it’s courage for them, and we need to do the same. To succeed, we need to take the floor more often
  4. Fear of change Most people do not like change – and the associated feelings, we often tend to evaluate how unpleasant. Perhaps, you are tied to the established and familiar routine and unloved work habit even acceptable. But, of course, if you decide to change profession, this will change – you may have to tear off more time from family, reduced salary – and this is enough to discourage many. But instead of succumbing to the fear, try to use it for good. Think of the changes that have happened in your life, and make sure that everything turned out not so bad. Now, making plans for the future, you can use these memories as a source of inspiration. And the sooner you accept for yourself upcoming changes, so will be able to better prepare for them.
  5. Fear not to cope with the new responsibilities If you are in a low position, you may be hard to imagine that you have enough experience and skills to the desired position. Kristen Knepper, coaching for managers and consultant, says: “It often happens that we reject the project or position because we think that we have enough experience or education in order to follow his vocation.” But this fear should not prevent the move in the right direction. Knepper offers: “We need to understand how past experience can help in the new location. This will serve two purposes: to strengthen self-confidence and will allow showing decision-makers that they fit you. Do not be afraid to bring in the necessary experience as a source of part-time work or informal employment – it is important to take the first step, and then use it as a push to the next. “
  6. Fear of condemnation Changes in life means that we will evaluate the – family, friends or colleagues, and some of them you shall condemn. Remember: it says more about them than about you. Some of them will be jealous of your success, and someone will be disappointed that he was stuck on the unloved work. Do not let them get in your way, better find like-minded people who will understand you and support.

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