18 Easy Ways to Find a Dream Job Now!

how to get the job of your dream

Radically change the scope of activities is not so difficult. Just follow the simple rules.

It is considered that the change of work – it’s almost a feat.

Indeed, when the business in which you are doing has nothing to do with your dream job, this gap becomes very difficult.

Adrian Granzella Larssen in his article for The Muse describes what – live. Every day, he woke up with the thought that perhaps unloved work he would have to do for the rest of his days. Dilemma – on the one hand, such a life does not bring joy, on the other – a career change seemed something of space travel.

Once the author still decided and took the first step by sending your article to a magazine. Better luck next time – in the publication have been denied. Do not despair, the author still continued to work hard to move their dreams, eventually getting the desired result.

Of course, all the problems with finding a job for a long time painted and placed on shelves. There is a comprehensive strategy to be used. For example, experience in volunteer programs, participation in start-ups, etc. But, is that all can solve more than any detail.

Thus, the 18 ideas that will be perfect for anyone wanting to find a dream job:

  1. Check out the blogs and pages of people whose work is your dream.
  2. Inspiration can be obtained from a professional who was able to dramatically change careers.
  3. Write down a list of literature devoted to the career, and enjoy a read.
  4. Find five people in LinkedIn, who work in the organizations of your dreams. Learn their profiles, skills, and experience. The result should not discourage you ( “Where am I in their 10 years of experience …”), on the contrary, these findings should help you with the presentation of their skills in a resume.
  5. Create a document, where you can track and store all necessary in the process of job search contacts and companies.
  6. Remember, whether you have a friend who works in the industry needs, and arrange a meeting with him in a cafe.
  7. Do not be afraid to contact complete strangers.
  8. Take one of the companies of their dreams, and understand if you are really so much want to work there.
  9. Now update your table with the companies of the 5th paragraph.
  10. Add to friends in the social networks of professionals working in the industry in which you are applying there.
  11. Think, if you have finished the skills that would be useful in the new job.
  12. Write a new job, which focuses more on the plans than on the achievements.
  13. Discuss your plans with loved ones. Share your plans, you will become more confident.
  14. Visualize your desire that this “picture” inspires you at any time.
  15. Attend events where you can meet useful contacts. Suddenly, you are lucky to meet a very important person for your career?
  16. Even the present work can you do something to help. Engage in a project that is close to your dream. This could push your skills in the right direction.
  17. Think about ways to make extra money, because the profession will require a change in the form of courses costs, workshops and tutorials.
  18. Feel free to describe your way to a new job. Maybe your idea will be different from those proposed in this material. After all, each case is unique.

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